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My name is Rob Mitchell and I am a World Cup Champion winner for the Emini S&Ps.  In addition to being a real trader,  I teach people to trade in the Oil Trading Room using the Smart Patterns Trading System from IndicatorSmart (to learn more about me watch this webinar: The Making of a World Cup Champion).  If you let me, I can teach you everything you need to know to be a successful trader in an hour and all you will need is a pencil and a paper to do it. Of course, from there, it is a matter of honing your skills and letting me help you shape it as you go through our resources.   This site has a lot of articles on honing those skills to make you a better trader.  This is true whether you are a day trader, or a swing trader; whether you are in to emini trading, index trading, or  intraday trading. The site focuses on day trading techniques, intraday trading strategy and day trading signals but the concepts apply to all trading intervals or time frames. I have been trading the markets actively for over 20 years and have made my living doing it in a business where most people only last a few years or so (or a lot less).  I have managed tens of millions of dollars and have even been called the largest Emini S&P trader in the world at various times.   I have also developed various commercially successful trading systems over the years. I don't say all this to toot my own horn, but to let you know there is a ton of misinformation out there from people who can not even trade; so don't get caught in the trap (like I did).  Anybody doing what I am doing on this blog (or elsewhere) should have some verifiable credentials.  Therefore, I suggest learning only from real traders who have a proven track record that you can actually confirm. This site has several features that will be of interest to yo
  • Cutting Edge and Innovative Trading Articles and Trader Educational Resources
  • Daily Trading Plan
  • Trading Videos
  • Links into our Twitter feed that has Important Intraday Information
  • Private Pages with Advanced Topics for Students
  • Private Pages with Advanced Topics for those Learning Various Trading Techniques I have Developed for Students
  • Expansion of Topics in Trading Manuals
  • Products such as Specialty Custom Price Bars that give you a Solid Statistical Edge in your Trading
  • The ability to get answers to your trading questions

Though much of my writing applies to emini trading, intraday trading, index trading, futures trading and day trading the principals apply to all trading- so no matter what you might be doing trading, this blog will be a great resource for trading education for you. Though I have specialized largely in stock indexes such as the Emini SP Futures, over the years I have learned lots of ways to trade; what works and what doesn’t. I wished someone had shown me a few things in the early years- I lost a (real) lot and gained a lot (more:-)  So here are a few resources that may help you out in your development as a trader... enjoy!

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