Jan 232014
Advanced Trading Patterns #1

I get to spend a lot of screen time while trading. When you do this patterns start revealing themselves to you if you pay attention. The pattern I will show you today reveals trend using already existing indicators in NinjaTrader (I have tried to talk with TradeStation and other platform providers about making these tools […continue here]

Jul 082013

In this webinar (below), Rob covers key and important differences between different types of bars.  The way data is organized is crucial to your success as an intraday trader. This webinar helps to show why. Within hours of receiving the bars our most recent customer said he would definitely be keeping his UTBs (there is […continue here]

Jul 032013
The Failed P2 Trade

Sometimes you can put together bits of information between the patterns that are occurring and the order flow and route out what is really happening.  This is particularly true in choppy markets where lows and highs can commonly get violated as the market action is more-or-less random.  Below we will take a look at a […continue here]

Mar 212013
Nindicator User Advanced Concepts in Pattern Trading

Patterns are the core of the Nindicator Trading Tools. The first module, or Comprehensive Tool Set deals with the context of the market. Then comes the Pattern Tool Set. This is followed by the Order Flow Tools which cover how orders are flowing in the present moment. This would always be the last step in […continue here]

Mar 212013
How to Set Up Your Nindicator Volume Tool to Show Inside Buy / Sell Pressure on Every Bar

Below are screenshots for settings to make your Nindicator Volume tool much more powerful and to use it in a mode of operation that will likely change the way you trade.  One reason I like this mode of operation a lot is because it shows me multiple time frames of action simultaneously.  In other words, […continue here]

Mar 202013
Nindicator Upgrade for Total Package Users of the Daily Target Tool

In an effort to continue to make some things better for you, I have made some improvements to the Nindicator Daily Targets Tool that makes the settings on the tool a bit more flexible.  Please read carefully as everything you should need to know to install without additional assistance is in the document below. Below […continue here]

Mar 012013
Seeing the Patterns Without Indicators

The Pattern Tools are the core of the Nindicator Trading Tools Package. They are an excellent stand alone tool, or can be used in conjunction with other tools. An example of this would be the Nindicator Volume tools that enable you to see actual buy / sell pressure and can confirm things like trend and […continue here]

Jan 222013
Daily Target Settings / Levels for Nindicator Total Users

For more recentsettings please see this post: http://markettradersjournal.com/nindicator-upgrade-for-total-package-users-of-the-daily-target-tool/ I have finished a ton of work in the last few days and have been catching up on some things I promised Nindicator Daily Target users. Here are updated Daily Target levels for you to find targets being hit at the approximate 94% and 77% levels.  This […continue here]

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