Jan 042013

I saw this pattern setting up, so thought I would show you. We actually have a pattern inside a bigger pattern both of which were bullish that made it possible to see a long trade with controlled risk.  The discussion covers a variety of trading principals and analysis. A (much) deeper discussion of the principals […continue here]

Jan 032013

As part of our continuing series on market / trade set-ups, below I have posted a video on using the Nindicator Patterns to discern whether the market is trending or counter-trending.  There are two basic patterns in this tool, but then there are patterns related to violations of levels and analysis in different time-frames.  I […continue here]

Dec 202012
Trading Set-Ups: Trading Off Reports in the Eminis

This morning on the Emini Market open report on You Tube, I suggested waiting for the reports to come out (30 minutes after the open of the day).  I mentioned a straddling technique for this that I often use.  As always: Past Performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. There is a risk of […continue here]

Nov 062012
The Double Reset Trade- Using your Nindicator Tools to Find High Probability Set-Ups

Today is November 6th 2012.  The market had opened higher and I had expected we were trending up on the weekly basis (ie. check The Coming Week and the Emini Market Open Reports etc. for this date). We had gaped higher and came down to test into the region of the gap.  There was a […continue here]

Sep 112012
How to Trade the Nindicator Volume Ratio Dual Tool

Sustained moves in volume are typically followed by a reversal. The Nindicator Volume Ratio Dual Tool can help us to see this. With a couple other Nindicator tools, we can get a nice confirmation. In the chart below I have a few different computation on the Nindicator Net TickSum tool, the stochastic and the Volume […continue here]

Jun 182012
Nindicator Pattern Tools - The Basics

The market can be analyzed in a number of ways, but one form of analysis that works and that makes a lot of sense is by looking at the relationships between: 1) Pivots in the market 2) The height of the runs between pivots 3) The width between the price zones that are created by […continue here]

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