Sep 082014

Charting the Past, Present and Future with Rob Mitchell  (by Grace C. Visconti)  Rob Mitchell began trading in the 1970s when he bought some AT&T stock. His mother, who was an avid stock market investor, had passed away and she left him some money. Rob’s mother had great results trading so Rob made a promise to […continue here]

Jul 202013
How to Best Use the Logik Volume Wand in Live Intraday Trading

The video tutorial below covers how to make best use of the Logik Volume Wand (HD) we offer through the site.  The video covers specific use that is not covered in the manual.  It also gives access to the manual for the wand and the various features that can be used in the wand.  The […continue here]

Jul 172013
Logik Volume Wand Review and Official Release to the Public

The Wand has now been released to the public!  If you would like to get the Wand, we now have it available with full support and a 7 day no questions asked money back guarantee. The Logik Volume Wand has now been released to the public!  If you would like to get the Wand, we […continue here]

Jul 082013

In this webinar (below), Rob covers key and important differences between different types of bars.  The way data is organized is crucial to your success as an intraday trader. This webinar helps to show why. Within hours of receiving the bars our most recent customer said he would definitely be keeping his UTBs (there is […continue here]

Apr 162013
Avoiding The Day Trading Death Trap

One of the biggest factors in being a consistently profitable intraday trader or day trader is is staying out of choppy markets.  I have written other articles on this topic recently regarding the use of time analysis.  What you want to do there is basically identify if the market is moving or not in any […continue here]

Apr 022013
Day Trading with Momentum and "With Trend" Divergence UTBs and zTools

There are many ways to skin a cat as they say and in trading this is often true. Two traders could take a trade at the same time and one could easily win and the other lose. Why? Trade management.  We all know as traders, for example, the feeling of being stopped out to the […continue here]

Mar 282013

As traders, we want to get caught in moves.  A large percentage of the time the market will just sit there. You enter a trade and the movement is stagnant. Getting caught in choppy markets is no fun trading and can be hazardous to your account. As a result, figuring out ways to stay out […continue here]

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