Mar 222013
Advanced Concepts in Using Strength Analysis for Trend Confirmation

This article requires you to be logged in to the site for viewing. Click the Login tab above to get registered or login. Knowing when the market is leading out, or if there are trapped traders is a key component to successful intraday trading and day trading. Without this you are at a distinct disadvantage […continue here]

Mar 212013
Nindicator User Advanced Concepts in Pattern Trading

Patterns are the core of the Nindicator Trading Tools. The first module, or Comprehensive Tool Set deals with the context of the market. Then comes the Pattern Tool Set. This is followed by the Order Flow Tools which cover how orders are flowing in the present moment. This would always be the last step in […continue here]

Mar 212013
Intermarket Analysis in the Intraday and Day Trading Time Frames

Many years ago, I read a book by John Murphy about intermarket analysis. It discussed the idea that movements in certain markets can be predicted by other markets.  I have devoted massive resources over the years to this sort of research and keep an eye on these sorts of things today. One relationship where I […continue here]

Feb 202013
The Value of Range Analysis at Key Times During the Day

This short article began as a question from a member and I realized the answer should be shared because this is very powerful information to know as an intraday trading aficionado  or day trader. The question is (pertaining to intraday tweets for emini trading): What is the value of tweeting that the opening range is […continue here]

Feb 122013

Technical trading involves using indicators and chart patterns etc. to make trading decisions. It does not involve the use of fundamental analysis or other outside types of information. Of course you could use technical analysis in conjunction with fundamental analysis. For example, I like to keep an eye on overall earnings in the stock indexes. […continue here]

Feb 072013
Strange Ideas That Can Transform Your Trading Edge

Albert Einstein showed us that the real duration of time changed depending on the rate we were traveling. If you are traveling at the speed of light then time can go on forever; there is no time.  If you are going slower, then you age accordingly. All of this is unknown to the person experiencing […continue here]

Feb 012013
DayTrading Target Performance (weekly for ES Emini SP, TF and Crude Oil)

Many have been asking for Daily Target performance for the new site  I have not finished the coding for the history pages yet. It is many hundreds of lines of code and I should have it done soon. The tables below have been verified as accurate and are this week’s performance numbers.  For more […continue here]

Jan 292013
The Low Down on Daily Targets for Day Traders

I have recently been doing a ton of research on Daily Targets as I prepare the new site for members.  There will be free memberships as well as paid ones. I am also adding symbols that we never had here on the blog.  There will be something there for everyone. The site will have […continue here]

Jan 252013
Trading With No Indicators Using Pure Price Pattern Enhanced with Volume Bars

One of my favorite ways of pattern trading is the use of the Ultimate Tick Bars in conjunction with other patterns. If we choose to trend trade then the basic pattern goes like this. First of all, We look for a Nindicator P1 or P2 pattern. Then, secondly, we look for an encompassment or range […continue here]

Jan 222013
Daily Target Settings / Levels for Nindicator Total Users

For more recentsettings please see this post: I have finished a ton of work in the last few days and have been catching up on some things I promised Nindicator Daily Target users. Here are updated Daily Target levels for you to find targets being hit at the approximate 94% and 77% levels.  This […continue here]

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