Nov 212012

Dear Traders,

As you know, I always try to bring you a variety of educators in an attempt to help you out with trading. Over the last few years I am have been approached by my customers who want me to bring someone who can trade live during the market open.

After the last webinar we did with Rob Mitchell, we have received very good feedback. So I have invited him to trade live during the market open on Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

The webinar will start at 9.15 AM EST, 15 minutes before the market open.

Please Register Here:

Rob's webinars get filled really fast, so we urge you to register ASAP. Rob has been trading the EMini S&P pretty much from the inception of the contract and you will learn practical applications of trading and methods proven to be executable in real time trading. Sometimes it is rather hard to decipher for many traders whether methods just look good or have real time validity.

What I like about Rob's methods specifically is his ability to NOT JUST FOLLOW the "stop-loss" and "target".What do I mean? Most traders place a trade and then just wait for either their stop to hit or the target, however as time passes there are so many things that happen that could allow you to either get out and cut your losses further or change your target because the big players and their orders are stacking in your favor. This is when you exit early and the market extends way beyond your target that you were really happy about and then the market rallies or falls like a brick...

Most traditional methods that are taught just do the "target" and "Stop" when in fact you can learn how to read the market right after you place the trade. You MUST learn to do that if you want to trade differently than the rest of the crowd. For your convenience take a look at this video:

click here

Learn How Emini S&P 500 Standing Orders Can Provide Insight Into Market Sentiment.

You will see how Rob looks at the market with his indicators (called Nindicators)

Again, book your LIVE webinar for this Tuesday Nov 27th, 2011 at 9:15 AM EST

Registration URL:

See you at the webinar,


Best Regards

Matthew Zimberg

Optimus Trading Group

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